TACKLIFE Non-Electric Dual Nozzle Toilet Bidet

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TACKLIFE Non-Electric Dual Nozzle Toilet Bidet

Better than using paper, TACKLIFE bidet has 2 Different nozzles for bidet wash & female wash, with a control knob to transfer the modes and adjust the water pressure; we ensure the nozzles are accurately aiming at the right angle to give a precise washing experience. Works without electricity, our bidet hiding 2 water pipes inside to protect it from being damaged, and the self-retracting nozzles keep itself clean when not in use; one knob to control water pressure and washing mode easily. With the 0.35 inch thin main body, TACKLIFE bidet can be installed between toilet and seat without any difficulties: stick the Non-slip bumper under the seat, use the included T-adaptor to connect the hose for bidet, then the installation is already finished. TACKLIFE Bidet is made of high-quality ABS, with waterproof for lifetime; the outside hose is metal braided, closely connected to the T-adaptor; with a rubber washer and a ceramic valve, We guarantee that you will never suffer from the trouble of water leakage.


  • self-retracting nozzle
  • adjustable water pressure
  • Dual Nozzle Bidet
  • Exquisite Structure
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable Bidet

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