Schloß 63Qt Truck Portable Refrigerator, 12V/DC RV Fridge, 110V/AC Freezer for Home and Camping 0℉ to +50℉

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Why You Need A Schloß Portable Fridge Freezer? Half of all campers identified their “love of the outdoors” as the reason for their interest in camping. If you’re an avid camper, then you probably have a good idea of all the camping essentials. What you maybe haven’t thought too much about is adding a portable fridge freezer to that list. Here are three reasons why you should invest in one today! No Ice Necessary: You don’t need to buy ice. This is where a portable fridge freezer comes into play. Typically, a portable fridge freezer is equipped with a 12V plugin application for your vehicle or camper. Fridge freezers are capable of keeping all of your food and drink items ice cold and even frozen for as long as you have a power supply. It is cheaper in the long run than continually buying ice when you need it. Durability: That bag of ice you bought at the nearest gas station might last in your cooler for a few hours, maybe? However, hard coolers are susceptible to mold and interior deterioration. This is due to the inability to keep a regulated cool temperature. So a portable fridge freezer that uses a power supply only needs to be cleaned every so often compared to a hard-sided cooler that you should probably clean out after each use, or whenever you dump out all that water from your melted ice. Portable: Of course, it’s in the name! Isn’t it great that you can have that with your food and drink while on the go? Having a Schloß portable fridge freezer gives you that ease of access whenever you want your water, juice, milk, etc. as well as your fruit, cheese, or other car camping snacks. If you haven’t already looked, it might be time to up your camping game by investing in a portable fridge freezer!


63.4 Quarts/60L Truck Fridge; Net capacity is 59Quarts, Adjustable temperature range: 0°F to 50°F, temperature low to -0.4°F; Digital temperature display; “Fast Freeze” mode rapidly cools to -0.4°F
8.2-feet DC power cord, 11.5-feet Extension Cable; 1x Adapter, and 1x Adapter AC Cable, 1x Removable wire baskets; ETL approved, Thicker Insulation Layer & Anti-Shock
Three Battery Protection Levels Refrigerator for RV, Truck and for Home use. Removable Door, Germany Technical Compressor, Solid outside Housing; Drain Plug for easy cleaning; Durable Side Handles
Wattage: 60 Watts. Net weight: 41.4 LBs. Fast and All-Zone Frozen: Upgrade storage space, better than the different temperature storage space car freezer, our Schloß car refrigerator with fast cooling mode and eco-mode can make all zone the same temperature to ensure your food fresh.
Car, RV and home use; Operates as a refrigerator or freezer; work with 12/24V DC and 110V AC power; Voltage power AC; unit can be plugged in with both AC power and the DC power.

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