Oreck Commercial Vacuum Cleaner HydroVac 20V


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Oreck Commercial CK91010 Vacuum Cleaner HydroVac 20VLithium Ion Cordless Wet Dry

Great for cleaning up spills on hard surfaces, this Oreck CK91010 HydroVac cordless commercial scrubber is the perfect choice! Featuring a compact design, this scrubber is designed for use in small, high traffic areas. Boasting dual tank technology, this HydroVac comes with (2) 1.5 qt. tanks so that the clean water is housed separately from the dirty water for a more sanitary cleaning process. Plus, the tanks are tinted to conceal dirty water from patrons during front of the house cleaning.

The dual color scrub brush includes brush wear technology so it's easy to tell when it's time to replace the brush. As the color on the primary scrubbing bristles begins to fade, your staff will notice that it is time to switch out the brush. The scrub brush also features anti-microbial technology and it's made out of TPE material to limit the adhesion of particles to the brush to prevent food debris and crumbs from being spread all around your establishment. Thanks to the cordless design, this scrubber is easy to maneuver around each room. An M-PWR lithium ion battery powers this scrubber for a hassle-free cleaning operation. The quick-charge battery has 25 minutes of run time and fits on all Oreck OC3 cordless products for added convenience and versatility.

  • Features a cordless design for easy maneuverability
  • Easy on / off switch
  • 4 dual color brush scrubbers with wear technology
  • Antimicrobial-coated scrub brushes increase sanitation
  • Boasts a quick-charge lithium ion battery for operation
  • Light weight design makes it easy to move from room to room
  • 1.5 qt. dual tank technology
  • Condition: Brand New