Honeywell Personal Dual Position Space Heater Fan, HHF175W

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Honeywell Personal Dual Position Space Heater Fan, HHF175W

The Honeywell Dual Position Space Heater Fan combines the best attributes of a heating and cooling unit. Featuring a 1500 watt output for personal heating, this heater offers two heat settings. The inclusion of a fan increases owner versatility as they'll be able to shuffle between heating and cooling operations. A built-in thermostat has also been made available. This addition will allow owners to accurately measure their surrounding temperatures when selecting their preferred heating/cooling settings. A series of installation options is readily accessible as this space heater fan can be implemented upright or on its side. The aspects of safety have been addressed with the inclusion of Overheat Protection and Cool Touch Housing.


  • Three settings: High Heat - 1500 watts, Low Heat - 750 watts, No Heat (Fan only)
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Two operating positions: (upright or on its side)
  • Ideal for use in offices, on tabletops and other personal/small spaces
  • Exceeds Industry Safety Standards
  • Thermal Insulated Wiring
  • Reinforced Wire Connections
  • 3x Overheat Protection and Cool Touch Housing

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