Fresh Feet - Foot Scrubber With Pumice Stone

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Fresh Feet - Foot Scrubber With Pumice Stone

Fresh Feet Foot Scrubber, the fast & easy way to scrub your feet clean. The secret is the incredible 11,000 bristles combined with a pumice stone, work together to clean, refresh and revitalize your feet in no time! The center bristles will gently scrub and massage your feet, while the stronger bristles on the outside power away stubborn dirt and dry skin. The contoured design cradles your feet in comfort like a spa treatment right in your own shower. Go from cracked & scaly feet to beautiful & healthy feet with Fresh Feet Foot Scrubber!


  • ALL-IN-ONE FOOT CARE SOLUTION a Foot Scrubber with a built in PUMICE STONE! No more bending or straining or trying to balance on one foot while washing the other to clean your feet. The CONTOURED DESIGN of Fresh Feet cradles your foot perfectly to scrub, massage, clean, exfoliate, and sooth from all angles. Say goodbye to cracked heels and hello to baby smooth feet when you use Fresh Feet as part of your shower routine!
  • PUMICE STONE exfoliates rough areas of feet with total ease leaving skin smooth & soft. Built-in pumice design keeps it in one place as you move your feet to scrub the dry, itchy skin away! Use your body wash or favorite soap with Fresh Feet Foot Scrubber to help exfoliation process. It’s like getting a spa pedicure at home, everyday!
  • DUAL BRISTLE DESIGN Cleans & Massages Feet. OUTER BRISTLES are firm; designed stronger to clean and exfoliate dead, dry, tough, calloused skin areas on your feet. While the INNER BRISTLES are softer; designed to clean and massage the more tender areas of your feet.
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL infused bristles help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the over 11,000 bristles on the Fresh Feet Foot Scrubber. Built-in CORD LOOP convenient for hanging to dry & storing in the shower, but out of the way!
  • ANTI-SLIP BASE equipped with flexible suction cups grip securely to the surface of your shower or bathtub. Great for everyone! STEP HERE WINGS help balance yourself and the Fresh Feet Foot Scrubber during use. Just alternate feet as your switch to clean them! Great for those with a limited range of motion; arthritis, hip/knee/back pain, athletes, injuries, pregnancy, and more!

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