BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover, Charcoal & Navy, 15-20lbs

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Color & Weight: Charcoal - 20 lbs
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BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover, Charcoal & Navy, 15-20lbs, 48" x 74"

BlanQuil harnesses the power of Deep Touch Stimulation. You may not have heard the term, but everyone is familiar with the concept of Deep Touch Stimulation. Deep Touch Stimulation, or Deep Pressure Therapy is that soothing feeling when we are hugged, cuddled or held by a loved one. Humans seek and offer the comfort of Deep Touch Stimulation every day in times of stress and love. Swaddled babies, massages and cuddles, the gentle, even pressure of slipping into a warm bath, or simply putting an arm around someone in distress--we can find examples of Deep Pressure Stimulation everywhere. Even our pets seek belly rubs!

BlanQuil harnesses Deep Touch Stimulation and provides it on demand to promote soothing calm and relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety—but that’s not all! Studies have shown that using a weighted blanket while you sleep reduces movement in the night, boosting time in your deep, rejuvenating sleep cycles. Find out for yourself why everyone loves their BlanQuil Weighted blanket, and begin to reclaim your comfort, well-being and inner peace.


  • Multiple color options to match any style preference or décor.
  • Independent baffles that keep the eco-friendly glass beads distributed evenly across your body.
  • A single-piece design that makes it perfect for warmer weather, easy to move and great for travel. Perfect for use in a chair while studying or lounging on the couch!
  • Perfectly balanced for a single user. For couples or large beds, a set of two is recommended. 
  • Easy-care fabric for trouble-free spot cleaning and safe for occasional machine washing. Lay flat to dry.
  • 48" Width x 74" Length

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